The Legal Laws around Marijuana

01 Aug

 Many countries are still debating whether to legalize cannabis or not.  There are legal governing laws over marijuana in states where marijuana use is allowed. Most people argue whether marijuana is a drug or is medicinal. The best thing to do is to check the progress of the cannabis dispensaries to ensure they are operating within the stipulated laws because they are the facilities allowed to sell weed. Also for the marijuana users there are several laws that change every time, therefore, being on the spot for more information is a wise step.  By reading this article you will learn some of the marijuana laws you need to know. Check out to learn more. 

 It is recognized by law, the use of marijuana.  Whether or not you are a citizen, you are allowed to use marijuana. The authorities do not care about the quantity of marijuana that you possessed to be charged but by the nature of the drug you are using or is intending to sell or distribute. Different cannabis possession situations require different sentencing. The legalization of marijuana also came with a lot of hiccups since the government is fully involved in the whole growing and distributions. Following the rules on the purchase and distribution of marijuana, therefore, needs you to adhere to the existing rules.

 You are safe to use marijuana when the age is right at 21 This applies to the tourists and the citizens.  Proof of age might be required to purchase weed. However, there is a limitation to how much weed one ought to possess at one given time.  You cannot possess more than 4 milligrams of weed at once.  If you are not law-abiding to the laws, being behind bars is therefore not an option. 

 The law recognizes only some special places to buy weed.  Weed is sold in specific stores and dispensaries.  The weed experts in the marijuana dispensaries undergo training to be showed how to sell good weed to its users.  You can find any weed strand you require at a legal dispensary.  Selling weed is authorized locations or facilities is punishable by law. For useful info, go to

 There are restrictions on the places where weed is sold.  Smoking in public is not allowed by law.  You can only smoke weed while off the public places.  Driving under marijuana influence is illegal.  Whether you took weed in small quantities or not, you need to take a taxi or be driven by another person.  The 21 age is the state age for aspiring marijuana growers  The location has to be far from the dispensary location. In summation, use of weed has medicinal value thus need to be legalized in many states. Learn more about how long cannabis stays in the body here: 

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